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The United States is open for business.

We have invited each state to provide their state economic profile and description of incentives offered. The results are published below. Please note that economic conditions may change after the publication of the profile. Check with the individual state contacts listed on the front page of each state for updates.

If you need additional assistance please contact us at

Each State Economic Profile has been created through communication directly with the economic development corporations of the said states or another qualified entity to provide this information. These state profiles should be used in order to delve deeply into the demographics and incentives that are offered for in-state manufacturing. The purpose is to provide information useful in helping companies to determine where the most suitable locations are for their manufacturing needs.

Tax incentives, grants, loans and other important metrics are all included to aid in these difficult decisions. However, one primary reason we are here is to help you along the reshoring process. Please feel free to schedule time to speak one on one regarding these state economic profiles or general support for your decision to reshore and the best location for your business.

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