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The Reshoring Institute offers low-cost professional consulting services for the following:

Global Manufacturing Strategy

Where in the world should you be manufacturing? What should be produced in each market to maximize revenues and position your company for global growth? What production could and should be reshored?

Made in the USA Labeling

Identifying cost of component parts in your bill of materials, labor and assembly costs, we help you evaluate how you can label your products “Made in the USA” or “Assembled in the USA” or other options. We help you evaluate FTC regulations and State regulations.

Reshoring Project Management

Our experienced consultants and project managers can manage the reshoring process for you. Our successful methodology is our guide for best practices in reshoring.


Determine what your competitors are doing with their reshoring projects. Are they ahead of you in their effort to bring manufacturing back? How will your company compete in the marketplace with American-made products?

Site Selection

We assist clients in evaluating potential sites for new manufacturing facilities. Using 40 criteria, we evaluate taxes and incentives, labor, building costs, utilities, quality of life, schools and universities, and other variables specific to your company, to find just the right location.


With global trade in turmoil, we evaluate alternative strategies for reducing your exposure to penalty tariffs. There is no way of knowing how long the trade wars will last. We can help design your strategy to mitigate your exposure.

Total Cost of Ownership Modeling

Using our TCO ToolkitTM we work with your company costs in the US and abroad to evaluate the best place to produce. We help you identify the known and hidden costs to make the best possible reshoring decision.

Technology Evaluation

Can part of your production be reshored if you enhanced your technology such as 3D printing, robotics, or automation? Could some of your production be reshored if you extracted labor costs? We help you analyze and evaluate the alternatives.

Leaving Your Foreign Manufacturing Site

Need to close down a foreign location? We are experienced global supply chain consultants and can help you extract your business operations from foreign locations.  It’s not as easy as you think.

Your Customized Project

Based on your specific needs, we can design a custom project to support your reshoring efforts. Tell us what you have in mind and we will design a reshoring process and solution. Contact Us: or Call: +1 408-605-8867

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