Our student researchers go through a rigorous selection process. Selected students are assigned one of the designated research topics and are guided through their projects throughout the semester by Reshoring Institute Directors. Student researchers come from USD’s College of Business and College of Engineering and must have either taken courses in supply chain management or have some experience in this field. Graduate and undergraduate students at USD may apply for the semester-long paid research assignments.

US Contract Manufacturing Research by Paulo Sotiangco

Paulo Sotiangco
Student Researcher – Spring 2017

Paulo Sotiangco is a Student Researcher for the Reshoring Institute. He is a Double major in Business Administration and Finance at the University of San Diego and will be graduating May 2017. He started his career with the United States Air Force as a Weather Intelligence Analyst and a Continuous Improvement Manager where he worked with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and assisted U.S. Air Force personnel. This has helped him cultivate excellent leadership skills in a team based environment.

Paulo has a diverse background in the field of Business, he has worked as an Accounting Intern for Nabil Barsoum CPA which is a small private Beverly Hills CPA firm and as a Lease Acquisition Coordinator for Lease Advisors where he helped manage real estate and financial products for property owners who host cellular sites. He dedicated his time with the Student Veteran of America in the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego where he helped student veterans with resources, support and connectivity to their respective communities.

Along with his work at Reshoring Institute, he currently serves as Director of Marketing and Membership for the USD Consulting Group where he provides opportunities for individual development as well as implementing community involvement. Additionally he is a International Business Researcher for the firm Ibiz247 where he assists in the fields of cultures & customs, currencies, visa & trade agreements and imports and exports. During his free time, Paulo enjoys reading, traveling and exercising.

Christina Jonsson

Christina Jonsson
Student Researcher – Spring 2017

Christina Jonsson is a Student Researcher for the Reshoring Institute. She is a senior at the University of San Diego pursuing a degree in Business Administration. Currently, Christina is a Sports Marketing Intern at USD, and brings extensive research experience after interning for a corporate real estate firm specializing in global tenant representation. She spent her first three years at USD as a student-athlete (and future captain) of the Swimming & Diving Team, where she discovered a passion for hard work and servant leadership. Christina is an active member of the USD Consulting Group, the Health and Wellness Advisory Board, and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). Realizing her interest in the often interwoven worlds of business and supply-chain management, Christina strives to bring only the highest quality of research to the Reshoring Institute.

Christina is a dual citizen of both the United States and Sweden and has traveled to many countries, including a study-abroad experience in London. Her favorite countries include Denmark and Sweden, but she still has a long list of countries yet to see. When she is not working or studying, Christina spends her time reading, pet-sitting, or baking

Chenell Braddock
Student Researcher – Fall 2016

Chenell Braddock is a Student Researcher for the Reshoring Institute. She obtained an honors degree from the University of California, Riverside with a B.A. in Film and Media Studies. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Global Leadership at the University of San Diego. During the course of her graduate studies, Chenell has had the opportunity to build on her business acumen at the international level while taking courses abroad in Seoul, Beijing, Buenos Aires, Lisbon and Madrid.

Chenell has several years of business experience which includes work within the non-profit field as well as client services, and insurance. She has a passion for helping businesses generate innovative strategies with a customer focus that improve processes, as well as identify the various multifaceted problems that organizations encounter within their daily operations.

Along with her work for the Reshoring Institute, Chenell serves as a board member for GOLEED, non-profit organization specializing in the development & enrichment of underprivileged youth. To date, Chenell utilizes both her past work experience and education to contribute to the mission and purpose of the Reshoring Institute.

Jin Website pic

Jin Zhao
Student Researcher – Fall 2016

Jin Zhao comes from a solid technical background with a strong interest in business operations. Her areas of focus and interest varies from quantitative analysis to project management. She has a Bachelor degree of Science in Electronic Engineering. Before the MBA Program at University of San Diego, she has more than ten years work experiences in manufacturing operations with responsibility of Project Operations, Engineering Customer Service on Site, International Trading, Souring, Planning, Order Management and Logistics. In 2010, she co-founded GATM (Dalian) Tech&Eng. Co., Ltd as a contractor company in the industry of system integration of electronic information and automation. Through her ten years work experiences in manufacturing operations, she gained solid research, analytical and problem solving skills to improve work operations. Her experience also provided her skills of communication, teamwork, generating innovative ideas and strategies in the business environment. Currently, she is pursuing her MBA at University of San Diego. From the MBA Program, she enhanced the business modeling and analysis skills through projects. She is the student member of ISM, APICS and CSCMP. Also, she is serving as the Membership on-Chair on CSCMP San Diego Chapter Board.

Sean Rothrock
Student Researcher – Summer 2016

Sean Rothrock is a 2017 MBA candidate with a concentration in Corporate Finance.  He graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Geology.  Sean’s work experience prior to pursuing an MBA was in the petroleum industry, primarily in Houston, TX as an Exploration Geophysicist.

During the course of his MBA studies, Sean has gained significant international business exposure while taking courses abroad in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Lisbon, and Madrid.  When not studying at Copley Library, Sean is most likely enjoying San Diego’s natural beauty while surfing or hiking.

Kendra Uminger
Student Researcher – Spring  and Fall 2016

Kendra Uminger is a Student Researcher for the Reshoring Institute. She is a 2017 USD MBA candidate with a concentration in Marketing. Kendra graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts Administration with an emphasis in theatre. After graduation Kendra worked in marketing at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, working primarily in graphic design. Later she worked in sales for a small music company before beginning her MBA in the fall of 2015.

Along with her work for the Reshoring Institute, Kendra is serving as the Communications Director on the Graduate Student Business Association Board. Kendra utilizes her experience with non-profits as well as her passion for quality research to help the Reshoring Institute achieve its mission.

Nicholas Privitelli

Nicholas Privitelli
Student Researcher – Spring 2016

Nick Privitelli is pursuing a Bachelor of Finance and a minor in Supply Chain Management at the University of San Diego. Nick graduated in May 2016. Nick has diverse work experience ranging from restaurant to aerospace. In the beginning of his college tenure, Nick cultivated strong interpersonal skills as a server for TGIS Catering and as a Telefunder for the University of San Diego. Being an Orange County native and going to school in San Diego, Nick found an itch to expand his horizons and see more of the world. This urge to travel eventually led Nick to Madrid, Spain, where he not only studied Finance and Marketing, but he also developed two young Spanish children’s English-speaking proficiency with weekly tutoring sessions. During his junior summer, Nick worked for RBC Bearings and learned to appreciate and respect the intricacies of operations as well as business development.

When Nick is not studying or working, you can find him riding his dirt-bike on tracks in Orange County or engaging in some good ole’ fashion friendly-competitive Spikeball.

Po-Yueh Lin
Student Researcher – Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

Po-Yueh Lin is a Student Researcher for the Reshoring Institute. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of San Diego majoring in International Business with a double minor in Supply Chain Management and Nonprofit Social Enterprise & Philanthropy. Po graduated in December 2016.

As a Taiwanese national, raised in Canada, Po-Yueh enjoys fresh perspectives and challenges. He was an intern for a local literature nonprofit Traveling Stories where he engaged in community outreach and volunteer management. Every few years, Po-Yueh ventured to India to volunteer for Karmapa Foundation, where he worked with people from diverse backgrounds. Through his experiences, he is comfortable in cross-cultural environments and possesses effective communication skills. Outside of the classroom, Po-Yueh is a member of the International Student Organization, and a student facilitator of Rainbow Educators where he promotes social justice on campus.

He is a full time student, and currently pursuing his Mediator Credential through the National Conflict Resolution Center and Natural Beekeeping Certification through San Diego Sustainable Living Institute. In his free time he enjoys cooking, creating arts and solo backpacking.

Andrew Gruszka
Student Researcher – Summer and Fall 2015

Andrew Gruszka is a Student Researcher for the Reshoring Institute.  He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Accountancy and Bachelor of International Business degrees with a minor in Supply Chain Management from the University of San Diego.  Andrew graduated in December 2015.

Andrew has a diverse work background which includes sales, analytics, research, and brand management for both Fortune 500 companies and small startups.  These opportunities have given him a knowledgeable background with many different industries and types of businesses.  In addition to working with the Reshoring Institute, Andrew co-founded an app company called Rocket Apps with a few other USD students and alumni.  During his junior year, Andrew spent 6 months studying abroad and traveling in Europe, where he continued to develop his interest in the International community.  Andrew is a full-time student but enjoys swimming, playing water polo, snowboarding, and cooking in his free time.

Ivan Reed
Student Researcher – Summer and Fall 2015

Ivan Reed is a 2016 USD MBA candidate with a concentration in Corporate Finance.  As a San Diego native, he also attended SDSU with a focus in Political Science.  Directly after his undergraduate studies, he worked as a political consultant for 5 years.  He then made a transition into a finance role at Ashford University, where he began to make significant operational improvements including the creation and management of a new department focused on student retention.  Ivan is now the president of the USD Management Consulting Association and has worked on many successful projects in areas including; strategy, operations, marketing and finance.  At the Reshoring Institute, Ivan utilizes his extensive background to provide detailed US State research regarding business guidelines/incentives and contributes on other critical projects.

Eric Pardee
Student Researcher – Spring and Summer 2015

Eric Pardee is a Student Researcher for the Reshoring Institute. He is currently a full-time student at the University of San Diego. He is pursing a MBA with a focus in finance and managerial leadership and graduated in May 2016.

Eric graduated with a B.S in Business Administration from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2010. After graduation, he moved back to California and began working in finance as a Financial Advisor for Prudential Insurance, and as a Personal Banker for Wells Fargo Bank. After a trip to Europe in 2012 Eric realized that he has a passion for travel, so in 2013 he left the business world to pursue an opportunity and began working as a deckhand on private “mega-yachts”. This occupation brought him to remote locations such as St. Lucia and Barbados in the south Caribbean, and the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific.

Recharged and refocused Eric returned back home in 2014 and began his masters program at the USD. Eric has joined the hands on Management Consulting Association and assisted in developing market forecast models, revenue-creating strategies, and a “take to market” timetable for a startup app called GigTown. Additionally, along with two fellow MBA students, Eric had created and entered a business venture with a socially beneficial component into the USD sponsored Social Innovation Challenge in the hopes of beginning his own business.

Alejandra Bohon
Student Researcher – Spring 2015

Alejandra Bohon is a Student Researcher for the Reshoring Institute. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of San Diego with an International Business major and a Supply Chain Management minor. She graduated in May 2015.

In 2014, she was an operations intern for Master Lock Warehouse in her hometown Nogales, Arizona, where she was exposed to the logistics operations of the company, as well as the many risks and challenges faced within a supply chain. During her junior year she studied abroad in Madrid, Spain and enjoyed living amidst the Spanish culture as well as learning about it. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity, an active member in the International Student Organization, and a Spanish tutor. She is a full time student but in her free time she enjoys cooking, reading, and running on the beach.

Zachary Hines
Student Researcher – Spring 2015

Zachary Hines is a Student Researcher for the Reshoring Institute. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a minor in Supply Chain Management from the University of San Diego. During his junior year, Zack studied abroad in New Zealand, where he learned about their culture and discovered some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. He graduated in May 2015.

The majority of Zack’s work experience comes from the Restaurant/Hospitality industry, including corporations such as the Ritz Carlton, where he learned the fundamental values of quality, customer satisfaction, and time management. As well as working for the Reshoring Institute, Zack is working for a small business called Speaqua, in collaboration with USD alumni. He is learning diverse aspects of business including product development, sales, marketing, and team management. Zack has a true passion for surfing and anything involved with the ocean. He plans to travel to places such as Africa and Indonesia in the near future.