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Current Topics – Mexico Manufacturing

Sourcing and Manufacturing in Mexico has expanded significantly in the past few years. Our clients are interested in reshoring to the U.S., but also establishing sources and manufacturing in Mexico to take advantage of the trade policies under USMCA. Our research will help you to understand the realities of commerce in Mexico.

Claudia Sheinbaum won the Mexican Presidency. What does that mean for Manufacturing?

Image credit: Wikipedia By Daniel Domsky July 20, 2024 Garnering over double the votes as…


Foxconn’s Tijuana Manufacturing Operation Shows the Nearshoring Possibilities

The facility is a testament to investment in Mexico as part of the nearshoring trend…


USMCA v. NAFTA By Jacob Wenzel

For most countries, the aspiration is for the generation and accumulation of wealth for their…


The Astonishing Port of Laredo

Laredo is the largest U.S. land port. More than 14,000 trucks per day cross the…

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