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What will you learn from this book

This is a complete step-by-step guide and toolset to conducting your Reshoring project. The Guidebook will help you through the entire project and then guide you through the development of a Reshoring roadmap and business case for your executives.

  • Detailed guide to organizing and staffing your Reshoring project, and then managing the project effectively
  • How to appropriately compare costs of overseas production to US production
  • How to innovate and automate
  • How to work with governmental organizations for tax incentives
  • How to create a project roadmap and a business case
  • How to leverage marketing for the best customer response
  • How to work with trade schools and colleges to develop the manufacturing skills you will need

What Others Are Saying About The Book

“It walks you step by step through the process, helps you ask and answer the right questions and then helps you wrap it up in a complete package that you can use to present to your management team.”

Daisie Hobson

“I was impressed with how thorough the guidebook is laid out. It details every category that you need to consider taking on this, not so easy, initiative.”

Carrie Welles

“Great book for any company or individual(s) determining the impact of such a project, understanding how to start an initiative, or just getting a good understanding of the concepts of Reshoring.

Hansoo Kwon

What’s Inside

The best way to find out more about the book, is to take a look at the partial sample  section. There you will find out the handbook is designed for ease-of-use. This 95-page guidebook will assist you with steps to a successful Reshoring project by taking you through various decision components one by one. You will find thought-provoking ideas, helpful exercises, and outlines for things you will be considering during your Reshoring evaluation. We explain ideas and activities so that you can share them with your team and lead the Reshoring effort to bring manufacturing back to America

Sections included are:

  1. How to Organize Your Project
  2. Cost Evaluation
  3. Innovation
  4. Automation
  5. Localization and Supply Base Considerations
  6. Skills and Education
  7. Tax and Other Incentives
  8. Government Outreach
  9. Marketing and PR
  10. Roadmap for Reshoring
  11. Building Your Business Case
  12. Project Close and Postmortem Review


Reshoring Guidebook

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