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Your Resource for Reshoring Manufacturing to the USA
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We are a Non-partisan Organization.

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Natalie Allen and Rosemary Coates talk about the crisis in global supply chains and the Shanghai lockdown in April 2022

Reshoring, nearshoring production away from China remains ‘hot topic’
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The Reshoring Institute

Business Consulting

We provide reshoring research, networking, and implementation coordination to bring cost-effective manufacturing back to the United States.

Developing Talent
Developing Talent

We are global manufacturing professionals with decades of manufacturing experience. Our graduate student researchers support our projects, while furthering their reshoring and business management education.

Resource Library
Reshoring Research

The results of our reshoring cost research and manufacturing industry research are available to the public. Download our state economic profiles, infographics, case studies, and white papers for free.

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Made in USA or Assembled in USA?

Before a manufacturer labels a product “Made in USA,” it is important to be sure the product meets federal and state regulations for labeling. Unfortunately, the regulations can be vague, complicated, and subject to interpretation. We assist companies with Made in USA labeling requirements at the federal state level and with your reshoring projects.


500Element Electronics
62,000South Carolina Manufacturing Alliance
3250Ford Motor Compay
2500Motorola Mobility
5109to5 Seating
15AO Eyewear
30Generac Power Systems
430InPro Corp
160Black Diamond Inc.
250Schwan Cosmetics
580Raumedic AG
137Pratt Paper
200Wells Lighting
60Wellte Machinary Ltd
100Watts Water Technologies
25SoftWear Automation
20Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd
320Airbus Helicopters
100PW Minor
50Sun King Brewery
50Hurst Engineering
100Emelia PC
35Luxurien International
144Vapor Apparel
20Manitowoc Tool & Manufacturing
40JL Audio
500DENSO Manufacturing
700StarTek, Inc.
1500Barclay Services, LLC.
110Mayne Pharma
41Bollman Hat Co.
25Tungston Heavy Powder and Parts
250China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation
900Continental Tire
63Aran Packaging
30Tianyuan Garments Company
75Build Your Dreams (BYD)
100Hankook Tire
15Mitchell Medal Products
10Jeanette Specialty Glass
50Woodfield Systems USA
15Piramal Pharma Solutions
12Dunn and Co.
34IDEX Corp
41Camel Energy, Inc.
2050 Strong
42Sports America

About The Reshoring Institute

We provide information, research and support for companies trying to “Reshore” or bring manufacturing and services back to America. This may include things like site selection, tax incentives, science and math education, marketing and PR and cost comparison development. We direct this Reshoring work and include student interns in support of research projects and consulting projects. 

Developing Talent for Global Manufacturing Management

Our manufacturing and policy related research projects are assigned at the beginning of each semester or are designated by sponsoring companies. Students are paid for their time and effort and benefit from the professional expertise and mentoring by our industry leading board of directors. Project sponsors receive top caliber industry research and often, the beginnings of a working relationship with a forthcoming college graduate.

Our Sponsors & Affiliates

Our sponsors are American manufacturers and other services community members interested in bringing back American manufacturing jobs.  Sponsors  have an opportunity to support this effort at the silver, gold or platinum level. If you are one of the many manufacturing companies in the united states, or simply believe it is time to stop offshoring manufacturing, we encourage you to help us promote production in America once again. For more information on becoming a sponsor, please contact our team at




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Reshoring Research

Our manufacturing industry experts and students prepare detailed research designed to help companies reshore their manufacturing back to the United States as well as sourcing locations closer to their consumers. This research may include policy updates, industry reshoring trends, location and site selection, and even nearshoring or offshoring information and statistics. For example, learn more about how Trump and NAFTA are inter-related or get the answer to the questions, “What is Reshoring?” or “Why do foreign companies build plants in Mexico?”


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