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About the Reshoring Guidebook

The Reshoring Guidebook is a complete step-by-step guide and toolset to conducting your Reshoring project. The Guidebook will help you through the entire project and then guide you through the development of a Reshoring roadmap and business case for your executives.

  • Detailed guide to organizing and staffing your Reshoring project, and then managing the project effectively
  • How to appropriately compare costs of overseas production to US production
  • How to innovate and automate
  • Working with governmental organizations for tax incentives
  • How to create a project roadmap and a business case

Each section includes an overview, hints, tools, and exercises to guide you through the Reshoring process. We know this is not a simple process and we have leveraged our combined one hundred + years of experience to give you the best ideas, tips, and tricks to make your project successful.

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