Exit Planning for Reshoring

September 2017 – Developing a strategy for leaving a foreign location is a crucial part of reshoring that involves re-engineering processes, automating production and understanding all associated costs.

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‘Offshoring’ expert says ‘reshoring’ vital to saving middle class

December 2016 – A push is underway in the Rio Grande Valley to promote Bi-National Economic Development, or BiNED, which aims to develop advanced manufacturing — and the high-paying jobs it brings — on both sides of the border.

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Manufacturing is Leaving China – but is it Coming to the U.S.?

June 2016 – The reshoring phenomenon is real. It’s driven by rising labor costs in China, and the increasing risk of maintaining long supply lines for western markets. What can companies do to bring that production back to the U.S.?

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Reshoring could spur demand for trucking

March 25, 2016 – A growing movement to bring so-called “advanced manufacturing” back to the U.S. – a strategic effort dubbed “reshoring” or sometimes “nearshoring” – could significantly ramp up truck capacity demand as well, according to two experts.

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