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What does it mean to Reshore?

The term reshore may also be referred to in manufacturing discussions as to nearshore, onshore, inshore, or backshore.

To reshore means to reintroduce manufacturing production to a place that it has previously been removed from. As we saw decades ago, there was a mad dash for American manufacturing companies to head east in order to try to take advantage of low foreign wages and cheap raw materials. However, that number has begun to slow, and at times even produce a net surplus of manufacturers heading back to the US.

There are many reasons US companies chose to go offshore during that time, but there just as many reasons to bring manufacturing back to America now. The wages in foreign countries have gone up much faster than the US, there have been consistent quality concerns when manufacturing abroad, and the amount of time it takes to receive a product are usually enough to either deter companies from leaving, or to reshore all or part of their manufacturing.

Many businesses reshore manufacturing or reshore construction because it makes economic sense either directly through their savings in production, or indirectly by avoiding some of the previously described supply chain risks.

What does the Reshoring Institute do?

The Reshoring Institute provides information, research and support for companies trying to Reshore their manufacturing and services back to America. Over the past few decades, the US has seen many sectors of labor lost to foreign countries like China and our goal is to reshore these industries back to the country that their primary customer is located. Because the Reshoring Institute is located here in America, our primary target has been those companies headquartered in the US as we help them to reshore their American businesses back to the US and bring as many manufacturing jobs with them as possible.

The most common ways the Reshoring Institute helps companies to reshore their manufacturing is through:

  • Site selection
  • Identification of tax credits and other national, state, or local incentives
  • Locating potential employees with advanced science and math educations
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Cost comparisons and Total Cost of Ownership
  • Strategic partnerships

These areas of help allow our partnering companies to reshore as easily as possible. This focused work is conducted by expert supply chain consultants with decades of experience and also includes student interns from universities across the county to support the research and consulting efforts. Together, the Reshoring Institute remains on the cutting edge by bringing proven methodology to the latest operations theories.

We help people reshore their business regardless of the company’s industry. The backgrounds of the Reshoring Institute team are quite broad and we have the ability to support large corporations, small companies, and even startups. No matter what your business is, we can help you to reshore your operations and reduce your lead time and other supply chain risk.

How can I reshore my company’s manufacturing?

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to reshore your manufacturing. These initial questions are outlined in our Reshoring Guidebook and many American companies have utilized the knowledge that is provided in the answers to those questions. We also provide a go-to place for information via our website and the case studies we have created. One of the most valuable and commonly tapped resources we provide is the experienced consulting services we provide for many different operational scenarios.

If you have questions about how to get started with making this critical decision about how to bring manufacturing closer to your customers, you can reach out to us for more information directly at:

I work for a company that has recently reshored operations. Can we be a case study?

Yes, we are always trying to build our library with recent studies. Please contact Daisie Hobson at and she will work with connecting you with one of our interns to create the case study.

What exactly do your interns do?

Our interns, or what we call “Student Researchers” are key to our research efforts. They work directly with companies, state economic development offices, politicians and other organizations in collecting data and information for our research projects. They write blogs, case studies, and white papers and they help maintain our on-line Article Library.

Is the Reshoring Institute a nonprofit?

Yes, the Reshoring Institute is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to helping bring Manufacturing back to the U.S.

How can I help the Reshoring Institute?

We are always looking for businesses partners that also believe in the importance of keeping manufacturing in the US and maintaining American manufacturing jobs. We look forward to support from clients looking to reshore, sponsors, board members, volunteers and interns. If you are interested in any of the above relationships, please contact Rosemary Coates at

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