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The Reshoring Institute’s mission is to support companies starting, restarting, or expanding manufacturing in the United States. As experts in manufacturing, we use our considerable global experience and skills to achieve this goal in the following four ways:

Global Manufacturing Consulting Services

Reshoring Institute Consulting Services provides expert guidance on your global manufacturing strategy. If you are planning to reshore manufacturing operations, we can assist with site selection and implementation. If you are interested in multiple global manufacturing sites, we can assist with strategy, total cost of ownership modeling, and market assessment. Explore to find out more.

Through years of experience consulting with companies both moving manufacturing operations overseas and establishing manufacturing the US, the experts at the Reshoring Institute can provide the guidance and analysis to make informed manufacturing decisions.

Reshoring Research and Publications

We continually execute research on issues affecting manufacturers, business trends, policies and regulations, and industry changing technologies. Our research, case studies, white papers, and library of related articles are catalogued, searchable, and available to the public. This information is for manufacturers to evaluate the benefits of reshoring or to compare their organization’s performance against peers and industry best practices. Explore to find content relevant to your organization.

Manufacturing Industry Thought Leadership

Our experts have decades of experience in global manufacturing. We share insights on current industry news events, the implications of research and forecasts, and recommendations for best practices and economic success. We often deliver keynote speeches at important industry conferences and write for industry journals and magazines.

University Internships in Manufacturing, Engineering, and Business

US manufacturing must develop experts and leaders for the future. The Reshoring Institute is committed to cultivating and educating the next generation of global manufacturing executives through our internship program.

Our internships give graduate students real world experience working alongside our consulting experts on actual manufacturing projects. Interns develop analytical skills as they perform quantitative research and written skills as they develop manufacturing case studies for our sponsors and clients.

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