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Walmart is Putting It’s Money Where It’s Mouth Is


Last week we were in Denver, CO for the Walmart US Manufacturing Summit where Walmart recommitted to investing in American-made products. The two-day event started with the Mayor of Denver welcoming us and then stating his case on why Denver is the best place to manufacture. We heard from the CEO of Walmart, several other Walmart executives, several mayors and governors from around the US.  The governor of New Mexico spoke of all the work that has been done to entice manufacturing to the state including a new engineering technology program for high school students that will enable them to get right to work.  The governor of South Carolina was broadcasted live from the Element Electronics’ manufacturing facility. The US Department of Commerce offered assistance for companies wanting to Reshore.

Walmart 2014Woven through the presentation Walmart officials, including their Made in the US team. not only told us why they were investing in America but how.  They spoke to us logically, how bringing manufacturing back was the right thing to do, and they engaged us emotionally. They showed us videos of how they were helping to reopen factories and how companies like Little Tikes have been making a difference in people’s lives since 1969. The crowd was affected by the many stories of people being reemployed in manufacturing.

The following day was an opportunity to make connections. Suppliers from across the US were represented;consulting, packaging, metals, plastics, apparel etc. Meetings were held with each