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Putting Reshoring on the Map

RI on the map

The Reshoring Institute was founded less than a year ago and we are already making great strides. We just finished our first semester working with interns from the University of San Diego and we’ve started the summer semester with two new interns. We are participating in the 2015 Walmart Manufacturing Summit  next week in Bentonville, AR and in October we are hosting several National Manufacturing Day events.

Rosemary Coates, our Executive Director and road warrior presented at the 32nd Annual FIBCA Conference in April, the Council for Supplier Diversity in May, and the Area Development Conference in June. These events along with the workshops she has facilitated at USD, Stanford and UC Berkeley have helped ignite the discussion of what is Reshoring, why we need to Reshore and of course, how we can help.

As the Director of Research, I have been working closely with the interns creating our brand and fulfilling our mission of providing research and support for companies bringing manufacturing and services back to America. The first research published is our initial set of infographics,  giving readers a graphical representation of our white papers and case studies. If you are interested in Reshoring and the companies who have brought manufacturing back to the US, our infographics will get you started with a graphical summary.  We didn’t want to just write research papers (although they are informative and beautifully formatted) we wanted to create something that readers can learn from quickly.  You can grab the important facts and statistics and then share with your colleagues and friends.

Currently, we are designing a Knowledge Library to hold the white papers and case studies that the infographics represent. Eric Pardee wrote a white paper on Walmart and their $250 billion investment in products that support American jobs and a case study on Todd Shelton an American apparel company that brought their manufacturing back to the US. Zachary Hines wrote case studies on both GE and Starbucks, two American icons that brought manufacturing and jobs back to cities that needed them.  Lastly, Alejandra Bohon conducted an economic review of CA and MN which includes the incentives they are offering to companies to remain in or move to their state.

These papers and more will be searchable in our Knowledge Library soon so keep checking back or contact us and we will inform you of our Grand Opening. In the meantime check out our Reshoring Wikipedia page that was posted in May.  The infographics, papers, events, Wikipedia page and the work we have done for clients and sponsors are helping put Reshoring and the Reshoring Institute on the map!

Daisie Hobson

Daisie Hobson is a Director at the Reshoring Institute and an engineer with many years of experience in manufacturing and project management.

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