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Understanding the Benefits of Reshoring

We are rebuilding manufacturing in America through the comparison of costs, and the evaluation of automation and innovation. The Reshoring Institute has tools and skills to help companies evaluate making products again in America.

Reshoring benefits include:
-Shorter lead times for parts and sub-assemblies
-Reduction of inventories and the associated carrying costs; reduction of stock-outs
-Reduction of logistics costs and times
-Protection of IP
-An opportunity to rethink your approach to manufacturing, automation and innovation
-It’s the right thing to do for America

With thorough analysis and our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) tools we can help you prepare a complete cost comparison and identify the possibility of reshoring. If you could get US manufacturing costs within 10-15% of a foreign location, would you bring manufacturing back?

To learn more about what reshoring is, visit our What is Reshoring? page.

The Reshoring Institute is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on helping companies evaluate reshoring, providing free, downloadable research, and teaching graduate students about manufacturing.



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