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Made in Indiana

  • For products manufactured beginning June 1, 2011, each manufacturer of a CCP shall clearly display on the product container or package the date (day, month, and year) that the product was manufactured or a code indicating the date as required in 326 IAC 8-15-7.
  • The date or date code information must be located on the container or inside the cover or cap so it is readily observable without disassembling the container or packaging.
  • Each manufacturer of a product subject to a VOC content limit in 326 IAC 8-15-3 may be asked by IDEM to report certain information as described in 326 IAC 8-15-8 within 90 days of the request.
  • Manufacturers of a CCP that contains perchloroethylene or methylene chloride have additional record keeping requirements under 326 IAC 8-15-8(c).
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