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Made in Alaska

A permit to use the MIA emblem will be issued to an applicant who:

  • Locates and maintains the handicraft or product manufacturing operation within the state
  • Produces a handicraft or manufactured product in the state in which the value-added processes were accomplished in the state
  • Uses Alaska resources and materials in the manufacturing or production of the product or handicraft, or provides documentation that the raw resources and materials do not exist with the state either in the form, quality, or quantity required for the production of the product or the handicraft
  • Has a current Alaska business license if required by AS 43.70
  • Submits a completed application and the required annual fees
  • Permits the inspection of the production or manufacturing site by the Commissioner or an MIA agent
  • Complies with the requirements of AS 45.65.010—45.65.070 and 3 AAC 58.005—.900 to determine the eligibility of the product.
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