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Meet Our New Executive Advisor,
Angel Mendez

Angel Mendez The Reshoring Institute is delighted to announce the addition of Angel Mendez as  Executive Advisor to our Board of Directors. A recognized global transformation  leader, Mendez brings over 30 years of management expertise with some of the  world’s leading companies. Most recently Mendez served as SVP Cisco  Transformation, leading the Accelerated Cisco Transformation Program, a multiyear  effort that reinvented Cisco’s business model and enabled significant increases in  growth and shareholder value. Prior to this role, Mendez lead Cisco’s Customer  Value Chain Management organization, responsible for corporate quality assurance,  demand management, new product introduction, strategic sourcing, manufacturing,  logistics, and customer service.

Welcome Aboard Our New Sponsor, American Cargoservice


American Cargoservice has joined the Reshoring Institute as our newest sponsor. ACS is a full service international and domestic freight forwarder. Since 1991, ACS has provided project logistics and transportation services for the alternative energy, mining, and manufacturing industries including helping companies physically bring manufacturing back to the US.

Checking in on our Interns


As with any internship program we hope that our program will not only provide our students with research and manufacturing experience but also valuable professional experience they will take to their next position. Below is an update on our interns:

  • Alejandra Bohen (BBA May15) – Inside Sales – Latin America at Greenlee
  • Zachary Hines (BBA May15) – Associate District Manager at ADP
  • Eric Pardee (MBA May16) – Summer 2015 Internship at Encore Capital Group
  • Andrew Gruszka (BBA Dec15) – Actively Seeking
  • Ivan Reed (MBA May16) – Sr. Consultant at SunCity Advising
  • Po-Yuen Lin (BBA May16) – Current Intern
  • Nick Privitelli (BBA May16) – New Intern
  • Kendra Uminger (MBA May17 ) – New Intern

Hiring?  Our interns can be found on LinkedIn

We’ve Been Talking About Reshoring All Over the World…


At the Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development Conference in Medford, OR in October (SOREDI) SOREDI (Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development Inc.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the long-term prosperity of Southern Oregon. SOREDI is on board to bring manufacturing back to the very desirable and business-friendly Southern Oregon region.


At the Supply Chain Outlook Summit in Chicago, IL in November. Organized by Supply Chain  Management Review and Peerless Media this conference is for supply chain executives to help  guide them in the newest and greatest ideas in supply chain today. The outlook for 2016 is  bright with Reshoring in focus for many companies.

University of Birmingham


At the University of Birmingham, England in December, where the European Community consortium of universities researching Reshoring is being led by Dr. Lisa De Propris. The consortium is funded by a grant from the EC to drive economic development through Reshoring. The Reshoring Institute will be welcoming post-doctoral European researchers at the University of San Diego this year as we collaborate on the global Reshoring movement.


What’s New on the Reshoring Institute website?

Updated Website

Article Library – 284

White Papers –  5

Case Studies – 4

Infographics –  4

State Profiles – 2

and counting…

What can YOU do to support Reshoring?   

Yes, we mean YOU…not your company or your city or your region.  But what can YOU personally do to support the Reshoring movement?

  • Buy “Made in USA” products – vote with your dollars
  • Ask retailers to stock American-made products
  • Support STEM skills and programs in elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities
  • Change the way you talk about manufacturing – today it is a well-paid profession and often in a clean, high-tech environment
  • If you own stock in companies, tell the Board and Executives you want them to Reshore
  • Vote for politicians who are working to bring manufacturing back – not those who give tax breaks to overseas operations
  • Become a Sponsor of the Reshoring Institute
  • When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Reshoring Institute. Bookmark the link and support us every time you shop.

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