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Reshoring Case Study: WarehouseTWO


Inventory sharing is a formal agreement between manufacturers and wholesale distributors, where inventories are combined, in WarehouseTWO’s software and available to all distributors that are a part of the network. With global supply chain bottlenecks created by the pandemic, shortages of parts can mean lost sales for distributors. Inventory posted in WarehouseTWO means that demand from one firm can be fulfilled with inventory held by another, solving supply chain shortages and delays. This kind of service is revolutionizing the way we think about responses to bottlenecks in the supply chain in an ever-changing business environment. WarehouseTWO breeds synergy among companies creating a shared network for manufacturers to find the parts they don’t have readily available.

If you would like more information regarding reshoring or you are interested in partnering in order to achieve quality presentation of research for your own company, industry, or geographical region, please feel free to contact us.

Download PDF | View More Reshoring Case Studies


Download PDF | View More Reshoring Case Studies

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