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Our Mission

  • To provide research and support for companies bringing manufacturing back to America
  • To teach our student interns about manufacturing as they will be America’s executives of the future 

Our Vision

We provide information, research and support for companies trying to “Reshore” or bring manufacturing and services back to America. This may include things like site selection, tax incentives, science and math education, marketing and PR and cost comparison development. We direct this Reshoring work and include student interns in support of research projects and consulting projects. 

The Reshoring Institute Values

There are three core values that the Reshoring Institute focuses on, in all of the work we do:

  • Economic Patriotism– A primary goal of ours is to provide the research, network, and implementation coordination required to bring the manufacturing of products and services back to the United States in order to rebuild the American economy.
  • Knowledge Transfer– The Reshoring Institute is comprised of experienced global manufacturing professionals with decades of experience as well as top university graduate student researchers. We believe in educating students about today’s manufacturing and in offering our research to the public at no cost.
  • Forward-Thinking– Our experienced team has watched the wave of offshoring take place over recent decades and has been instrumental in helping companies consider all aspects of moving all, or part, of their production back to the US.

Ultimately, we are here to provide the highest quality research and consulting services for industry professionals that need guidance during their tough decision of whether or not to incorporate reshoring into their operations strategy. Through years of consulting experience with companies both moving operations overseas and back to the US, we have developed a keen understanding for exactly what information executives need to make an educated decision.

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