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SkyWater To Expand Its Florida Operations Thanks To Grant

SkyWater to expand its Florida operations thanks to grant

SkyWater to expand its Florida operations thanks to grant

US Semiconductor foundry, SkyWater Technology, has been awarded a USD 36.5 million in a Build Back Better Grant, funds that the company will leverage to expand its advanced packaging facility operations in Florida. The grant is part of a USD 50.8 million award from the Economic Development Administration’s Build Back Better Regional Challenge to grow Osceola County’s NeoCity as an innovation center for semiconductor research, design and manufacturing. The EDA funds will be allocated among seven component projects, two of which include USD 36.5 million in federal funding for enhancements to SkyWater’s advanced packaging operations at the Center for Neovation: expansion and facilitization of the clean room and purchase and installation of tools and machinery. In accordance with the award, SkyWater will provide a 20% “matching share” of the project costs associated with the facility, a press release reads. “We are excited to participate in this Build Back Better award, which was secured through the exceptional efforts of Osceola County, BRIDG and members of the coalition, and we commend the Biden administration’s focus on public-private partnerships to propel American semiconductor R&D and manufacturing to the next level,” says SkyWater President and CEO Thomas Sonderman, in the press release. “The progress made to date at NeoCity in such a brief time is outstanding. SkyWater is committed to growing our operations at the Center for Neovation with the support of this funding to accelerate the reshoring of the semiconductor supply chain.” Introducing STARTEAM GLOBAL – PCB Manufacturing redefined. Discover how to build an effective PCB design flow What can manufacturers expect from bio-organic conformal coatings? Smart pH Employment in Electronics Cleaning Load more news

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