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Simec Atlantis Deploys Substantially-upgraded Turbine

Simec Atlantis deploys substantially-upgraded turbine

Simec Atlantis deploys substantially-upgraded turbine

Simec Atlantis Energy Simec Atlantis Energy announced the successful deployment of ‘Turbine 2’ at the MeyGen site on Wednesday, marking a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance performance and reliability in tidal energy generation. Alternative Energy The AIM-traded firm said the latest turbine had undergone substantial upgrades, with a notable improvement being the conversion to a wet-mate connection system. It said that development had resulted in a significant reduction in costs and time required for future maintenance work. By adopting the technology, SAE said it was aiming to position the upcoming phase of turbines at the MeyGen site as the most advanced and high-performing in the industry. It said that as a demonstrator project, the valuable lessons, improvements, and innovations derived from the MeyGen site were instrumental in unlocking commercial and scalable projects in the future. With that in mind, SAE said it had made the strategic decision to expedite the reshoring of ‘Turbine 4’ to facilitate preventative maintenance and upgrade work. It said the proactive approach would enable it to further drive improvements, as well as gather essential data and knowledge required to unlock the next phase of turbines at the MeyGen site. “The value in MeyGen phase 1 for SAE and the industry is in proving the technology but also in the constant innovation and lessons learnt that allow us to unlock truly scalable and commercial projects,” said Graham Reid, chief executive officer of SAE Renewables. “The successful upgrade and deployment is a major milestone, and I wanted to add a personal thank you to all the team who have gone above and beyond to enable this. “Their hard work and passion deserve recognition, without them, there is no industry, and they should be incredibly proud of another milestone achieved.” Reporting by Josh White for

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