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Norwegian Crystals Proceeds With 6 GW PV Ingot Plans

Norwegian Crystals proceeds with 6 GW PV ingot plans

Norwegian Crystals proceeds with 6 GW PV ingot plans

Image: Norwegian Crystals Norway, once a leading country for polysilicon production, could soon host a new factory for PV silicon ingots, according to a recent press release issued by ingot manufacturer Norwegian Crystals and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Innoenergy). “All key manufacturing stages of solar panels such as polysilicon, ingots, wafers, cells and modules are predominantly based in Asia, with an 80% share for China alone,” the joint statement reads. “For the European energy transition strategy to take place, bolstered reshoring is required – particularly as solar remains the fastest growing renewable energy source. Norwegian Crystals produces ingots at its Glomfjord headquarters, with a carbon footprint that is one–third of those manufactured in Asia, due to their proximity to renewable energy sources for production and reduced logistics related emissions.” Norwegian Crystals said it secured all relevant permits for the new manufacturing facility and noted that construction should begin by the end of this year. The factory sill have an initial capacity of 3.6 GW by 2026 and is expected to reach 6 GW at a later stage. In 2022, the company introduced gallium–doped p–type ingots in response to customer demand. It said it tested N–type in anticipation of future market developments.

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