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Lupita Maurer Appointed President At Polar Instruments, Inc

Lupita Maurer Appointed President at Polar Instruments, Inc

Lupita Maurer Appointed President at Polar Instruments, Inc

Coinciding with our move to new offices in central Beaverton, OR, Polar appoints Lupita Maurer as President of Polar Instruments, Inc. “I am excited and honored to take up the opportunity of heading up Polar Inc,” explains Maurer. “Ken Taylor, our outgoing president, has set a high level of expectation for the organization. Polar’s increasing market in the design space, alongside our existing customer base in the PCB fabrication industry, combined with the effects of reshoring, are shaping exciting new opportunities for our US operation.” Maurer has been a key player in Polar’s sales operation up to this point. Prior to joining, she held software related positions at Tektronix, giving her broad experience in a T&M background. Taylor will retain a non-executive position on the board of the company allowing us to tap into his years of wisdom in the business. The tight knit team at Polar Inc provide sales service and support for the expanding customer base of Signal integrity modeling, documentation and measurement tools. For further information, please contact your local Polar office. Contact details may be found at Further product information and technical tips are on the Polar YouTube channel. Share Advertisement tec-thermal: High-Performance IMS Material Technology – Designed for the world’s most thermally demanding PCB applications – Automotive, medical, industrial, aerospace & military manufacturers rely on Ventec for the latest advances in IMS materials that deliver an exceptional thermal performance, reliability and quality through their established ceramic-filled halogen-free dielectric technology. With tec-thermal, Ventec offers the most comprehensive range of thermally conductive materials with the widest choice of dielectric thicknesses and dielectric thermal conductivity. Suggested Items Design Challenges: From The Assembler’s Viewpoint 06/29/2023 | Andy Shaughnessy, I-Connect007 Fabricators are fairly vocal about the design issues that they encounter, especially with brand-new customers. They are, after all, the next step in the process. But we don’t hear as much about design issues from EMS providers. This month, we asked experts from the PCB assembly segment to share their thoughts about design challenges that affect technologists on the EMS side. Designing in a Vacuum Q&A: Mark Thompson 05/12/2022 | Andy Shaughnessy, Design007 Magazine I-Connect007 Columnist Mark Thompson of Out of the Box Manufacturing has been in CAM engineering for decades, and he’s also worked as a PCB designer, so we knew he would have a few things to say about working in a vacuum. As he explains, the designer isn’t the only stakeholder in the process who feels like he’s working inside the dust bag of a Hoover upright. Designing in a Vacuum Q&A: Carl Schattke 05/11/2022 | Andy Shaughnessy, Design007 Magazine Not long ago, I caught up with Carl Schattke, CEO of PCB Product Development LLC and a longtime PCB designer, for his thoughts on “designing in a vacuum.” As Carl points out, if you follow PCB design best practices, knowing the identity of your fabricator is not a “must-have.” He also offers some communication tips for discovering the information you do need, including one old-fashioned technique—just asking for it. RTW News eBooks Articles Columns Events Links

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