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The Beach Riot Getaway League , based in Orange County, Calif., has launched, aimed at “the person who spends every weekend hiking, camping, kayaking, rock climbing or walking favorite trails.” Available at , the collection consists of bright colors, bold prints and luxe fabrics created for the “functional fashionista, the explorer with style,” said founder Nicole Hanriot-Tinkess. Pieces can be worn “from gym to swim” and mixed and matched for different looks. For example, swim tops can be combined with active bottoms for a chic workout, or an active top can be paired with a swim bottom for a supportive swim set. “Designed and produced right here in Orange County,” the company says—“welcome to our world.” Billy Reid has opened its first L.A. retail presence, a pop-up store at Platform in the Culver City neighborhood, the brand’s 15th U.S. retail store. “L.A. holds a special place in my heart,” said the unabashedly Southern designer. “Traveling from Texas to Los Angeles in my twenties taught me the value of my perspective as a designer and that leaning into my differences was cool.” A four-time CFDA award winner, Billy Reid is known for his expertly crafted standout clothing and accessories, which effortlessly blend artisanship and sophistication. The Culver City boutique boasts art by Alabama artist Butch Anthony, mid-century club chairs and a large gallery wall of vintage European pieces. Victor Wear co-founder Tiffany Hamilton is harnessing the power of small business to support the autism community. She and her autistic son, Isaiah, the brand’s co-founder, were guests at the Emmy Awards Week Celebrity Gifting Suite, where they showed off inspirational activewear. Clothing is a movable platform that can help raise awareness on social matters, the company said. “For years, the families of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have been pushing for their loved ones’ rights, but real action has been slow. Even some of Hollywood’s favorite stars have opened up to talk about their struggles.” Some 85 percent of people with autism are either unemployed or underemployed, and Tiffany and her son hope to become a leading employer of people with differing abilities. Anthropics Technology has unveiled Zyler, an AI-powered virtual fitting technology that allows customers to try on hundreds of outfits quickly and easily via smart phone, desktop computer or in-store. A selfie and a few measurements are all that are needed. Zyler’s patented technology, based on the latest cutting-edge research, has precision and accuracy down to the hips, legs, waist, chest, arms, and even shoulder and head. Clothing details from the original image, such as texture and color, as well as facial features, skin tone, body shape and overall fit are uniquely taken into account for a realistic try-on experience. These features have not been seen in virtual try-on technology before, the company said. Jesta IS , a global developer of modular cloud solutions and unified ERP for retailers, wholesalers and brand manufacturers, has launched a major upgrade to one of its four foundational software pillars. Vision Sourcing & Demand 22.0 is packed with new features, functionality and integrations to optimize the product life cycle. These include sourcing and procurement, material resource planning, product data and life-cycle management, demand forecasting and customer order management, and customer service. New product development tools include the capability to mass manage attributes for new and current products—including purchase, manufacturing and availability details—as well as the ability to assign images and extended text for web stores. The boost in efficiency will help manufacturers get new catalog and products to sales channels faster. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have released a final report on the current state and overall feasibility of using clean cargo-handling equipment technology while working toward the 2017 Clean Air Action Plan Update’s 2030 goal of a zero-emissions cargo-handling fleet. Updated in 2017, the CAAP contains a comprehensive strategy to accelerate progress toward a zero-emissions future while protecting and strengthening the ports’ competitive position in the global economy. The ports have committed to developing feasibility assessments every three years for terminal equipment to inform their approach to meeting those goals. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are the two largest ports in the nation and combined are the ninth-largest port complex in the world. The Global Digital Textile Conference welcomes key players from the digital-textile-printing community to the Sheraton Lake Como Hotel, Italy, Oct. 5–6. Topics of discussion are to include technical development in printheads, sustainability inks, the impact of reshoring, challenges of on-demand manufacturing […]

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Daisie Hobson is a Director at the Reshoring Institute and an engineer with many years of experience in manufacturing and project management.

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