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Greensboro Networking And Cabling Company Has Role In Giant Arizona Chip Plant

Greensboro networking and cabling company has role in giant Arizona chip plant

Greensboro networking and cabling company has role in giant Arizona chip plant

A Greensboro communications cabling and networking company has landed a role in building a giant microchip factory in Arizona touted at the presidential level when it was announced. NETcom Cabling and Security Systems is installing microchip manufacturing tools as well as closed-circuit TV and the tool interconnect structure in the Phoenix area, the company announced last week. The company, citing a confidentiality agreement, did not name the company behind the project. But the description matches that of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. President Joe Biden joined TSMC founder Morris Chang and Apple CEO Tim Cook in Phoenix in early December to announce an expansion of the massive project, hailing it as an example of reshoring computer chip manufacturing to the United States. NETcom President Dan Quinn said the company has about 50 employees onsite to start the project, but the size and scope of the planned chip fab would require hiring hire 400-600 people as the work progresses. Quinn said NETcom’s scope was approximately $75 million annually for a projected 12-year build out getting close to $1 billion by completion. The contract calls for NETcom to install security and CCTV infrastructure, hardware, cable tray fabrication and custom fabricated rack assemblies as well as interconnection services to equipment. “NETcom has worked all over the world, often on projects vital to national security but nothing as big or more significant to our nation’s interest than this installation,” Quinn said. “The CEO of a competing Phoenix area semi-conductor factory recently said, ‘Microchips will be more important than gas and oil for the next five decades.’ We are loving being a part of making this happen.” NETcom has about 60 people in Greensboro and another dozen throughout North Carolina. Founded in 1990, NETcom specializes in communications cabling, network design, installation, and security systems. It has an in-house computer-assisted design department, and project managers and technicians hold industry licenses and credentials with major hardware makers.

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Daisie Hobson

Daisie Hobson is a Director at the Reshoring Institute and an engineer with many years of experience in manufacturing and project management.

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