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‘Made in China’ could soon be made in the US

'Made in China' could soon be made in the US
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'Made in China' could soon be made in the US
It’s Chinese-made in America. Yes, you read that right. Contrary to widespread belief, China isn’t the cheap place to manufacture that it once was, and rising costs have been forcing manufacturers to explore new countries to make their goods. The U.S. may not be top of mind for all industries, but some manufacturers are taking a second look at the country — and many of them are Chinese. Throw in the possibility of lower corporate taxes under President Donald Trump, and more will likely come looking. “The reason we want to invest in the U.S. isn’t only because the Trump administration is encouraging it,” Xiao Wunan, deputy chairman of Asia Pacific Exchange and Cooperation Foundation, who takes Chinese business executives to the U.S. on investment tours, told CNBC. “The U.S. has natural advantages for [Chinese] investment.” Why go to the U.S.? The cost advantage.
Rosemary Coates
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