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2023 Predictions For AI, Manufacturing, And Automotive

2023 Predictions for AI, Manufacturing, and Automotive

2023 Predictions for AI, Manufacturing, and Automotive

Several engineers and executives at Altair offered technology predictions for 2023, specifically in the area of AI, manufacturing, and automotive. In an accompanying article, Altair personnel offered assessments on the predictions the company made for 2022 . Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Step Up The Rise of Generative AI Startups Altair is predicting major growth in artificial intelligence, particularly with generative design. “Altair generative artificial intelligence exploded in 2022. In this next year, we will see text processing and visual art using generative AI continue to improve,” Christian Buckner, SVP, of data analytics and IoT at Altair told Design News . “Entrepreneurs will look to get in on the action – and the dollars – and many startups will emerge that create simple experiences for non-technical people based on generative AI.” He noted this could range from advertising copy, SQL queries, documentation copy, blog title ideas, code comments, instructional material, and even deepfake video content. “Increasingly the creative output from these models is indistinguishable from – and in many cases superior to – human output.” Big Data Isn’t Dead (Yet) As for big data, it will shift while remaining important. “Providers will attempt to get ahead of trends, and we will see many start to advertise that ‘Big data is dead.’ Instead, many organizations are leaning into ‘smart data’ for greater insights,” said Buckner. “But despite the advertisements, big data will continue to play an important role in business operations — for now.” He explained that the key is to make sure you have easy-to-use, self-service tools in place that enable cleansing, verifying, and prepping of the data that can then be plugged into a data analytics model for valuable results and smart decisions. “The companies that turn their big data into smart data will be the ones that will benefit from the new ways of thinking about data.” Deep Learning Is Here AI will move in beyond machine learning and data analytics. “The next step for artificial intelligence in 2023 is deep learning. While AI so far has mostly been a mix of supervised machine learning and data analytics, the rise of deep learning will usher in a new era where computers can learn without supervision,” Rosemary Francis, chief scientist at Altair told Design News . “Advancements in deep learning will lead to innovations in robotics, generative AI, natural language processing and speech recognition, and scientific breakthroughs in health, sustainability, and more.” She noted that “As with any AI models, the key for organizations to ensure the results are accurate and comply with new regulations emerging is to make sure there is still a human element for routine monitoring and trusted accuracy of the ML models.” The Need for Efficiency The current economic climate will have an impact on the use of technology. Specifically, technology will be used to improve efficiency. “With inflation still raging and a potential recession continuing to loom ahead, efficiency will be a number one priority for organizations. Executives will be looking to squeeze every bit of efficiency out of their systems using data from across the enterprise,” Ravi Kunju, chief product and strategy officer at Altair told Design News . “There will be an increased emphasis on machine-to-machine communication as data gets increasingly integrated from disparate systems, allowing businesses to utilize predictive analytics and AI-powered prescriptive decision-making to make processes and production more efficient.” Manufacturing Gets Reshored and Virtual Solving the Semiconductor Shortage Government programs are set to boost semiconductor production as it gets reshored. “As a result of the 2022 CHIPS Act , the semiconductor industry will be flourishing in the US economy in 2023,” said Kunju. “Increased state and local government investment, as well as corporate, will lead to more high-tech hiring and growing budgets for EDA (exploratory data analysis) tools that focus on design and manufacturing.” He noted that even with these investments, the shortage issues won’t end in 2023. “It will take years to build local plants and bring the semiconductor industry back on track.” Manufacturing Goes Virtual Many of the processes in manufacturing will begin to shift into the world of simulation. “In 2023, we will see OEMs design, test, manufacture, and provide support for products completely virtually via living and breathing models of various physical, biological, and business processes,” Keshav Sundaresh, global director of product management at Altair told Design News . “The auto manufacturing sector will lead the charge, pushing towards a zero-testing policy with the growing need for fast and accurate simulations.” Manufacturing Goes Local […]

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