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12 Super Solutions for Packaging Automation in a Pandemic Year

12 Super Solutions for Packaging Automation in a Pandemic Year

If designers are the fuel for packaging innovation, packaging production engineers are the engines that make it run — and as efficiently as possible. This may have been an atypical year in a lot of ways, but the country and the world absolutely counted on manufacturing to produce, package, and move essential goods. Packaging Digest added its support, in the form of compelling content designed to share tips and encourage invention. Here are the top 12 articles about packaging machinery and automation you found most useful in 2020, based on website metrics:

12. The Case of the Missing Moments How can two extra seconds make a difference on a packaging line? Do the math. You might be able to produce another million packages per year.

11. Cobots vs. COVID-19 — Designed and Deployed a Solution in 2 Weeks Many essential businesses needed to ramp up production quickly while keeping workers safe. Eric Schoffner, owner and manager of iCareRX Pharmacies, uses the Axial machine from Euclid Medical Products to pack pouches of pills for his customers.

10. 4 Benefits of Packaging Automation for Pharmacies Amid COVID-19Automated packaging machines that produce unit-dose or multi-dose pharmaceutical packs enable touch-free service, social distancing capabilities, efficiency, and improved patient adherence — key advantages, especially during a pandemic.

9. Will You Soon Download Packaging Machine Controls from the Internet?Rexroth’s Factory of the Future vision includes a suite of smart, connected products that give insight into a packaging line’s productivity. Rexroth’s new ctrlX automation platform leans into the Internet of Things age with software-smart controls and potential future “app store” offerings.

8. How Packaging Operations Can Use 6s in This Time of COVID-19 Essential packaging plants need to keep in running. But how can you ensure employee safety in this time of COVID-19? An organizational system like “5S” is more important than ever. Implementing 5S can help prevent transmission of the disease between workers. In some instances, it might prevent transmission to a customer via contaminated product. 

7. Flexible Packaging Innovations Involve Materials and Machines The latest flexible packaging materials and machines were showcased during Pack Expo Connects 2020.

6. Safe, No-Contact Robot Easily Handles Order Fulfillment More end users are exploring and setting up automated direct-to-consumer ecommerce operations. This continuous-motion VR-72 labeler is named for its 72 Vertical Rollers, which help ensure precise label application.

5. New Labeler Anticipates Mega-Production of COVID-19 Vaccine Once vaccines for the COVID-19 virus are approved, the race to market will be hectic. Pharmaceutical companies need to prepare in advance for the upcoming automation requirements of manufacturing and packaging. F

4. Equipment Rentals are Red Hot — Here’s Why Packaging equipment business expert reveals why rentals have steadily risen against a backdrop of new product launch pressures and COVID-19. Pearson Packaging Systems sells automated case erectors, sealers, cartoners, and robotic palletizers. This photo, like MaaS, shows that the focus is on outcome, not just the asset.

3. Tell your CFO: Packaging Machinery-as-a-Service Beats the Capex Budget Blues With Machinery-as-a-Service (MaaS), suppliers and brand owners share a financial stake in uptime and profits. It also makes packaging automation immediately scalable for fast-moving consumer goods and healthcare products.

2. Shopping for Packaging Machinery Soars As the reshoring trend continues — and even accelerates due to COVID-19 supply chain challenges — product manufacturers actively seek packaging machinery solutions. 

1. Spirits Leader Sazerac Revolutionizes Packaging Inspection  The Sazerac Company’s CT scanning inspection that assesses glass bottles and other packaging components in minutes versus weeks is available to other companies.

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Daisie Hobson

Daisie Hobson is a Director at the Reshoring Institute and an engineer with many years of experience in manufacturing and project management.

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